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  • Man against Microbes: No Victor, No Vanquished 

    Deboye, Kolawole (Obafemi Awolowo University Press, 1997-09-09)
    The topic - "MAN AGAINST MICROBES: NO VICTOR, NO VANQUISHEO" is suggestive of a battle between man and microbes, which cannot be said to have been won or lost on either side. Man is the highest of God's creation, to whom ...
  • Man’s Unseen Allies and their Self-Synthesized Tools 

    Olutiola, P. O (Obafemi Awolowo University Press, 1987-06-09)
    At. stage in the life of a Professor; he is called upon to deliver an inaugural lecture. A number of things immediately comes to his mind –what type of topic is he going to discuss, and .more importantly, how does he make ...
  • Universality of the Enzyme Molecule 

    Shonukan, Olusola Olusoji (Obafemi Awolowo University Press, 2006-09-26)
    Enzymes are complex proteins that cause a specific chemical change in other substances without being changed themselves. An enzyme is also a protein that is synthesized in a living cell and catalyzes or speeds up a ...