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Quality Drug and the Consumer

dc.contributor.authorOgunlana, E.O.
dc.description.abstractIn discussing 'Quality Drug and the Consumer', we may start by recognising what can be classified as 'Drug' and also to identify what relevance or meaning we give to the word 'Quality'. The classifications of different levels of the consumer in the society need, clarification. The Development of Drug as a dosage form may bring up the factors involved in formulation and the 'building in' of quality into a drug. The manufacture and presentation of drugs can be looked at in terms of the environment of manufacture, packaging and specific controls, as well as tests of final product. We may review the laws, legislation and processes that have been and can be developed in order to protect the Consumer. These may also lead us to the role of the Consumer in maintaining quality and in complying with the directives given. Compliance with the use of, as well as the acceptance and handling of, drugs can only be seen to have been effective if there is adequate education and flow of appropriate and much needed information to all levels of consumers.en_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Ife Pressen_US
dc.subjectPharmaceutical preparationen_US
dc.subjectQuality Drugen_US
dc.subjectDrug Storeen_US
dc.subjectDrugs and Peopleen_US
dc.subjectPharmaceutical scientists
dc.subjectDrug consumer
dc.subjectDrug quality control
dc.subjectDrug product control
dc.subjectMedical professions
dc.subjectPharmaceutical industry
dc.subjectDrug control tests
dc.subjectDrug quality maintenance
dc.subjectFood and drugs decree
dc.titleQuality Drug and the Consumeren_US

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