The an Automated Library Fund Management System for Nigerian Universities

Omotayo, B. O. ; Irechukwu, P. U. (2003)


In realization of the strategic role of the library in the academic programme of tertiary institutions/ particularly the universities/ the Federal Government of Nigeria in 1992 reached an agreement with the Academic Staff Union of Universities to make libraries enjoy a separate fund allocation of 10% of overall vote to each university from the Federal Government. This development engendered the need for the institutions to develop a system of managing and monitoring the allocations. This paper reports the design of an the automated library accounting system (ALAS) for use by the Accounting Section of Libraries. Trial implementation was with the Hezekiah Oluwasanmi Library, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. The developed computer package uses the VISUALBASIC programming language working in a WINDOWS environment. The system consists of a menu-driven program to perform the task of vote allocation/ expenditure monitoring/ report generation and file backup/ amongst others. The simple design presented here records transactions against accounts/ and provides a picture of the relevant income and expenditure profiles. It disregards accounting for physical assets (including infrastructure) and standard services on the real assumption that the parent organization still retains control of these. The developed system would enable libraries to improve their financial and indeed client centered operational efficiency by generating up-to-date financial reports promptly.