A Study of Location and Utilisation of Health Facilities in Irewole Local Government Area,Oyo State.

Adeyinka, Samson Ajibola (1985)


This study examines the location and utilization of health facilities in Irewole Local Government area of Oyo State. The study focuses on the appraisal of the existing health facilities and the effect of distance on the utilization of health facilities and analysed both descriptively and statistically using correlation analysis and potential model. The result shows that the facilities were unevenly distributed among the settlements. The results from the study also conform to conventional spatial theory which suggests that spatial interaction declines with distance. The study reveals that distance is not the only factor responsible for utilising health oars facilities. Other factors include the quality of services provided and the attitude of the workers. Finally, based on these findings, some suggestions in form of recommendations and proposals, which include improvement of transportation and provision of more health care facilities.