Requirement of the Nigerian Indigenous Fowl for Protein and Amino Acids

Oluyemi, J. A. ; Longe, O. ; Songu, T. (1982)


A total of six hundred 28 weeks old/ Nigerian indigenous hens were randomly alloted to 10 diets containing either 15 or 18% crude protein and varying levels of lysine and sulphur amino acids. Different dietary levels of fish meal and blood meal were used to achieve the above. Dietary protein- level had no effect (P > 0.05) on egg production, egg quality, feed efficiency and mortality, while egg size was increased (P< .05) by amino acid profile. Egg production tended to increase with better amino acid profile but both egg production (30.8 - 42.4%) and egg size (39.7 - 43.5g) appeared to be generally low. However, egg size and Haugh Unit were considerably improved (54.39%) and 77.48% respectively) in a second experiment using a dietary regime with 21% crude protein and the high levels of fish meal and blood meal used in 'the first experiment.