Rural Poverty to Rural Prosperity: a Strategy for Development in Nigeria

Williams, S. K. Taiwo (1973-05-08)


The rural areas are increasingly being recognized as the key sector in many developing countries like Nigeria; and their rapid development and modernization have assumed priority objectives for many governments. I would, however, like to make it clear at the outset that the aims of rural development are not solely nor primarily economic. In trying to direct rural development, our concern must be first directed to the type of society and environment we are trying to create. In this, the economic aspects are, of course, important but they are important as a means and not as an end. In the difficult process of defining development goals, it is essential that this subsidiary status of the economic factor be remembered. Another point that should be stressed is that the rural and urban sectors form part of what must be an integrated whole. They are essentially complementary. Sustained development of the urban communities in a situation like that of our country is dependent upon expanding agricultural and rural productivity.