The Effectiveness of Project Performance Budgeting System in Agricultural Management

Ladipo, P. A. ; Akinbode, I. A. (1980)


The Project Performance Budgeting System was introduced into the Western State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in April 1974, superceding a general purpose programming strategy. This study evaluated the impact-of P.P.B.S. on problems previously found to dampen the effectiveness of agricultural services. Data were collected through in-depth interviews with headquarters' administrators, through questionnaires distributed to field officers, and through interviews with farmers. It was found that under P.P.B.S., inadequate and late supply of inputs was still a problem and that poor flow of inputs led to poor relationships with farmers and detracted from the job commitment of agents. On the other hand the new reporting system was found to be easier for field officers to work with providing useful information for evaluation, although administrators said that it increased their paper work. It was found that the impact of programmes on farmers is measured only indirectly under P.P.B.S. and that the system should be modified to accommodate feedback from farmers. Also, fewer farmers are dealt with more intensively. The possible usefulness of P.P.B.S. in staff evaluation was studied. A number of recommendations for improving the system were made.