Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Agricultural Shows in Oyo and Ondo States of Nigeria

Jibowo, A. A. (1984)


The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural shows in Oyo and Ondo States. Data were obtained from 75 farmers who had participated in agricultural shows before, and 98 who had not, between September and November 1981, through interviews. Findings revealed that agricultural shows were effective in terms of imparting knowledge to the participants in the major areas of agriculture namely, crop, animal, fishery, and forestry management, but application of such knowledge was most frequent in crop management. The University of Ife had not been effective in attracting many participants to its booths, although it had been effective in passing knowledge of its exhibits to those who visited its booths, and such knowledge had been largely applied, except of Ife Brown cowpeas, the cultivation of which needed to be encouraged among the participants. Effective use of teaching methods, and special drives to stimulate farmers to attend the shows needed to be encouraged to enhance effectiveness. The significant relationship between characteristics such as income and contact with extension agents, and participation should assist the extension agents in identifying and encouraging potential participants, while farmers with less of the characteristics are also not ignored.