A Taxonomic Study of the Acridoidea (Orthoptera) of Southwestern Nigeria.

Nzekwu, Anthony Nwora (1987)


The Acridoidea of southwestern Nigeria was studied. Collection of species of Acridoidea was made from different parts of southwestern Nigeria between 1982 and 1986. The collected specimens were identified and a checklist of the species was prepared. Detailed description of each species was carried out. Keys for the separation of these species were prepared based on the external morphological features. The genitalia were examined and four different vies illustrated for each species. Photographs of all the species are presented in this thesis. A total of 58 species were studied belonging to the families’ pyrgomorphidae and Acrididae. Most of the phallic structures were in agreement with previous studies. However, the phallic structures of the sub-family Oedipodinae contrary to the views of some acridologists showed some affinities especially in the epiphallus. Some affinities were also observed in the phallic structures of Coryphosima producta (Walker), C. stenoptera (Schaum), Holoperono gestaeckeri I. Bolivar, Zacompsa festa Karsch, Gymnobothrus flaviventris Urarov and Chrisra compta (Walker). The families Pyrgomorphidae are made up of species that are generally less active than those of Acrididae. The similarities in the habitat preferences and colour patterns or Oxya hyla Serville and Spathostrenum pygmaeum Karsch were not matched by morpholozical affinities.