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Making the Soil Nutritious to Plants

dc.contributor.authorAduayi, E. A.
dc.description.abstractPlants are able to live without MAN, but MAN cannot live without plants. If, therefore, MAN has to survive on earth, he has to ensure that the medium in which plants grow, namely the soil, is kept nutritionally balanced. It is on this premise that my lecture will be based. And taking cognizance of the expected heterogeneity of my audience, I will try not to be too technical. With this in view, I shall attempt to develop the topic by posing the questions: What is a soil? And how does the soil acquire its fertility status for the nourishment of plants?en_US
dc.publisherObafemi Awolowo University Pressen_US
dc.subjectSoil fertilityen_US
dc.subjectType of fertilizeren_US
dc.subjectRate of fertilizeren_US
dc.subjectMicronutrient studies
dc.subjectSoil fertility evaluation
dc.subjectPlant growth
dc.subjectMineral nutrient elements
dc.subjectSoil scientists
dc.subjectSoil quality
dc.subjectSoil chemical properties
dc.subjectOrganic matter
dc.subjectCation Exchange Capacity
dc.subjectSoil fertility management
dc.titleMaking the Soil Nutritious to Plantsen_US
dc.departmentSoil Scienceen_US

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