Response of Two Lowland Rice Varieties to N, P and a Combination of Other Nutrients in a Flooded Soil

Obi, A. O. ; Adepetu, J. A. (1984)


A 4x3x2x2 factorial experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of N, P and a combination of some other nutrients on grain yields of two rice varieties under hydromorphic soil conditions, in the &forest of southern Nigeria. The low yielding variety (IR-20) responded better to fertilizer application than the higher yielding variety (OM). The best rates of N and P application to both rice varieties in this flooded soil were 60kg N/ha and 25kg N P/ha. Yield response to a combination of l00kg K, 40kg Mg, 5kg Cu, 2kg Zn and 2kg Fe per ha was significant during both years of cropping. Yield response to NP, and the combined application of the other nutrients were greater during the second than the first year of cropping.