Grammar and Meaning in Two Yoruba Texts: A Systemic Linguistic Description

Adegbite, Wale (1991)

Book chapter

A piece of language use or "text" can be described from different points of view using different levels of language as tools of description. A description of text along a semiotic dimension is perhaps the widest viewpoint of studying language use in social situation, a study along this dimension will cater for all features of language pertaining to the pragmatic, linguo-pragmatic and linguistic levels of a text. At the level of pragmatics, relevant features of situation(s) and uses of the text are accounted for as they can relate to and stimulate the selection of formal items of language in the text. At the level of linguistics, the meaning and form of the text are focused as they can respectively represent and realise the features of situation and use mentioned above. Lastly, at the linguo-pragmatic level, the message content and communicative functions of the text are the point of attention as they represent the interaction of the pragmatic and linguistic features in socio-communicative transactional events.