Question and Answer Forum: The Place of Literature in the Use of English Programme

Adegbite, Wale ; Onukaogu, Chukwuemeka (1997)


The question and answer forum for this issue of JESEL is a particularly interesting one in both context and content. Contextually, it is interesting that a question and answer could come from two members of the JESEL editorial board an in house affair you may say. As a departure from the usual system of answering questions from JESEL readers outside the board, we feel that this issue could reflect at least one of the various kinds of robust and serious academic discussions that take place among members of the board. The interesting context examines a vital area of English studies in Nigeria which deserves scholarly attention, the place of literature in the use of English programme in Nigeria tertiary institutions. Let us look at the exchange between Chukwuemeka and Wale below on the programme.