The Problem of Grapho-phonological Discrepancy in the Pronunciation of the Yoruba User of English.

Fatusin, Stephen Akinnifesi (1986)


This work attempts to determine the magnitude of the problem posed to Yoruba L2 learners of English by the inconsistent manner in which English words are represented orthographically and the discrepancy between the way English words are pronounced and the way they are spelt. Information collected from the pronunciation and writing of some secondary school level learners of English serves as data for this work. The analysis of the performance of the learners in two separate spelling and pronunciation tests administered to them shows that the problem of graphemephoneme discrepancy is of a high magnitude. In realization of the futility of all previous attempts to alter the current English orthography for greater phonemicity the work suggests that more serious attention should be given to the teaching of English spelling and pronunciation in Nigerian secondary schools.