Alioum Fantoure: Romancier D'une Societe en Quete de la Liberte.

Eluchie, Victoria Ugoeze (1986)


Alioum Fantoure is one of the African writers whose novels have received little attention, from literary critics. Some critics do not go beyond his first novel Le Cercle des Tropigue. This study is an in-depth analysis of the African searches for liberty as presented in the four novels of Fantoure. Attention is focused on the three major periods of the African search for liberation depicted in the novels - the colonial era, the period of the struggle for independence and the post-independence era. The analysis reveals a deep-rooted pessimism the part of Fantoure vis-ŕ-vis the liberation of Africa as a continent. The colonial era, with its oppression and exploitation is seen as the beginning of the African woes. Fantoure denounces the lack of unity among Africans fighting for their independence. To the author, Africa's independence is paradoxical in that the social ills of the colonial era are still present. Africans are still in need of liberation from indigenous colonialist but this time their liberation seems to be a myth because of the indifference of the masses and the insensitivity of the leaders to the social problems. Thus, Fantoure sees the African search for liberation as hopeless.