A Study of Recruitment, Training and Retention of Adult Education Personnel in Oyo State.

Olagunju, Pius Soladoye (1985)


This study examined the recruitment, training and retention of Adult Education personnel in Oyo State. Data were collected from available records in the Ministries of Education, Local Government and the Social Welfare, Youth Sports and Culture. In addition, interview guides and questionnaires were used. Using percentages and tests of correlations where appropriate, the results indicated that the recruitment of personnel for adult education was not based on knowledge, competence and interest in adult education. In addition, there was not enough motivation for adult education instructors to retain them on the job as might be required. Based on these findings, it was recommended that the Government of Oyo State should re-appraise her attitude towards recruitment of staff into various adult education programmes with a view to making it possible to put adult education in competent and interested hands. The study also recommended that the rate of remuneration given to instructors should be increased in order to encourage them to be efficient and effective in the performance of their duties. Finally, the study highlighted possible areas of future research attempts. Such attempts should include a comparative study of recruitment, training and retention of Adult Education personnel in Oyo State with any other State within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.