Colour Preferences of Primary School (Yoruba) Student- Teachers

Adeyanju, J. L. (1990)


The study determined variations in the choice of colours among the Associateship Certificate in Education Students (A.C.E.) who were involved in the 'ACE' Summer programme of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife. The study was also carried out to find if there can be an established universally acceptable order of colour. Two hundred and twenty four student-teachers from one hundred and sixty different primary schools in Oyo and Ondo state were sewed with the questionnaire on colour preference. Result showed that there was no established universal order of colour. The student teachers colour preferences were in the following order: Blue (43-31%), Green (26-73%), Purple (16-58%), Red (6- 10%), Yellow (3.23%) and Orange (2.76%). Based on the result of this study, it was recommended that book designers and publishers-should take cognisance of the colour preferences of teachers. Teachers are in a position to influence the types of books to be used in schools and they can also influence colour preferences of children one way or the other.