Media, Women and Environmental Education

Adeyanju, Lade (1998)


Nigeria, with a reported population of about one hundred million is yet to get rid of street trading, destitution and solid waste management; while approaching the twenty first century. As the population continues to grow, environmental threats have continued to increase. This is why enlightened Nigerians have to get worried about finding relevant solution to the persistent environmental problems. One of the ways by which awareness can be intensified is through the use of educational media, with due consideration to women education. Unfortunately, a large proportion of Nigerian women cannot read, or write. This is why the educational technology approach should be imbibed. Nigerians will listen to news that relate to their immediate problems. Nigerians will pay to watch a mediated instructional designed film, drama and programmes that could solve their environmental as well as socio-economic problems. The approach to enlightenment through posters, bill-board advertisement, picture, organized seminars and workshops could see Nigeria through some of the problems bedeviling our environment. However, Nigerian women perhaps have distinct role to play.