Studies on the Reproductive Biology of Emilia (Asteraceae - Senecioneae) I. Flowering and Post-pollination Developments in the Capitulum

Adedeji, O. (2005)


A study of the flowering and post-pollination developments in the capitulum of the genus Emilia (CASS.) CASS. (Asteraceae - Senecioneae) was conducted in order to correlate and document various observations made on the stages of development of floral parts. The protectional role of floral parts is highlighted, both while flower is in bud and at fruit development phase. The co-operative features of floral parts (phyllaries, florets and receptacle) in the display of flowers for pollination and fruits for dispersal are elaborated. The probable reasons for the usual occurrence of E. sonchfolia and E. coccinea as isolated populations are discussed.