Composition, Structure and Soil Relations of Isoberlinia Woodlands in Nigeria

UBOM, R. M. ; ISICHEI, A. O. (1998)


Isoberlinia woodlands in Northwestern Nigeria were studied with a view to elucidating the species composition, and soil-vegetation relationship. Cover, density, height, basal area and frequency were determined for shrubs and trees. Soil properties measured included particle size, exchangeable cations, organic carbon pH, field moisture and total nitrogen. Principal component ordination of the vegetation data produced five community types. The community structure was define by the variation in density and dominance of few species such as Isoberlinia sp. Burkea Africana and Vitellaria Paradoxa (syn. Butyrospermum paradoxum). The size structure of trees indicated differences in the community-type stature and physiognomy. Variation in species composition and ecological status of tress were related to environmental gradients of soil properties.