Nigerian Man and Biosphere Research Plots in Guinea Savanna: Floristics and Structure of the Vegetation

Muoghalu, Joseph I. ; Isichei, Augustine O. (1991)


A study was made of the vegetation of three plots used in the Nigerian Man and Biosphere Research Programme for Savanna Studies. The aim is to provide detailed information on the vegetation of the plots which may possibly contribute to an understanding of factors influencing savanna structure and relative abundances of forbs, grasses and woody species. Results show that there are differences in the species composition of the plots. There are more forb species than grass species in each plot. The woody basal areas and crown areas of the plots do not depend entirely on the density but also on the size of the woody species. There are differences in herbage yield in the plots that could be attributed to differences in soil properties, species composition and level of human and animal activities between the plots.