Comparative Study on the Biochemical Properties of the Fruits of Some Annona Species and Their Leaf Architectural Study

Folorunso, A. E. ; Modupe, O. V. (2007)


Leaf architectural and biochemical study of four species of Annona found in Nigeria and characterized as important under-utilized species was conducted in search of intrageneric characters which may be of taxonomic value in the classification of the genus. Lamina balance, leaf form, leaf apex, leaf based, leaf margin, leaf texture were studied as the architectural features. Proximate analysis of mature and ripe fruits was also carried out to determine the nutritional status of the fruits. More intrageneric relationships among the Annonas have been reported along with characters of taxonomic value in the identification and classification of the genus. A reticulata and A. squamosa appear to have better nutritional (protein) and shelf life.