Studies on the Reproductive Biology of Emilia (Asteraceae - Senecioneae) 2. Floret Number, reproductive Propagules and Seed Germination

Adedeji, O. (2006)


Floret number displayed low variability within each species and is statistically species-specific, and thus considered of great diagnostic value in taxonomic evaluation within the genus Emilia CASS. (Asteraceae-Senecioneae). Two reproductive propagules were identified in the genus Emilia, viz. the seeds and the adventitious roots. The incidence of production of adventitious roots was highest in E. coccinea. E. praetermissa Milne-Redh., the allotetraploid hybrid of E. coccinea (SIMS) G. DON and E. sonchifolia (L.) DC., had the shortest number of days to germination and the highest percentage germination performance. The compensatory balance between the two reproductive propagules in the genus is highlighted.