Non-Isothermal Effect on the Motion of a Particulate Flow between Two Parallel Plates

Ajadi, S. O. ; Odejide, S. A. ; Fareo, A. G. (2009)


The non-isothermal flow of dusty, viscous, incompressible conducting fluid between two oscillatory parallel plates is studied. This flow is described by the continuity, momentum and the energy equation, which accounts for the heat and mass transfer. Closed-form solutions method initiated by the boundary conditions were obtained for zero and non-zero pressure gradient. These solutions show that the non-isothermal nature of the flow has led to a dramatic departure from the isothermal case. The solutions were further demonstrated graphically to elucidate the significance of parameters such as Prandtl number (Pr), the magnetic parameter (Bo) and the Grashoff number (Gr) on the velocity profiles.