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The Spatial Dimension in Nigerian Agricultural Development

dc.contributor.authorAgbola, S. Akin
dc.description.abstractThe objectives of this augural lecture are as: to show that agriculture permeates all aspects of national life in Nigeria to an extent that only a multi-disciplinary approach can cope with its multi-faceted problems and that geography has a contribution to make to the solution of these problems; to emphasize the significance of the spatial dimension in agricultural development; to draw attention to the lack of justice done to the spatial theme in Nigerian agricultural studies; to assess geographical contributions to the spatial analysis of Nigerian agriculture, and to highlight the gaps which remain to be filled; and to suggest guidelines for space-oriented research in Nigerian agriculture.en_US
dc.publisherObafemi Awolowo University Pressen_US
dc.subjectLand space
dc.subjectAgricultural development
dc.subjectSpatial dimension
dc.subjectSpatial distribution of crops
dc.subjectAgricultural scientists
dc.subjectAgricultural business
dc.subjectNigerian Agricultural studies
dc.subjectSpace-oriented agro-climatological research
dc.subjectCrop production
dc.subjectNigerian farmers
dc.subjectNigerian Agricultureen_US
dc.titleThe Spatial Dimension in Nigerian Agricultural Developmenten_US
dc.facultiesSocial Scienceen_US

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