Regional Inequalities Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

Abiodun, J. O. (1/14/1992)


The topic of my lecture of today is Regional Inequalities in Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria: Problems and-Prospects. Spatial inequality in the level of social and economic development is a universal phenomenon. One major factor that inspired increasing focus on the problems of spatial inequality in the less developed countries is the growing realization that increases in national income per capita is not necessarily accompanied by improvement in the living conditions of the poorest group in any given country. It is also well known that inequalities among units within a nation could lead to disaffection and result in political instability. The experiences of the Republic of Zaire, Sudan, and Ethiopia are cases in point. Prior to 1975, development planning in Nigeria for instance focused on achieving greater rate of economic growth through sectoral investments. In consequence, not much attention was paid to the spatial patterns of inequalities in development.