Socio-Economic Influence of Shari'ah on Production and Marketing Practices in Northwestern Nigeria

Bala, Haliru (2015-06-24)


The study identified the socio-economic tenets and injunctions of Shari'ah that regulate the production and marketing practices and appraised their effects on production practices, with a view to determining the extent to which they affect the development of marketing promotion strategies in Northwestern Nigeria. The study was conducted in Northwestern Nigeria, namely in Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States; purposively selected to reflect the core of Shari'ah States. The data were gathered using primary and secondary sources. Multi stage and random sampling techniques were used in selecting 1,392 respondents for the study (180 management staff, 460 traders, 692 consumers and 60 staff of production section) out of 2,000,915. Questionnaires were used to elicit information and were validated by experts in the Shari'ah Law, Arabic and Islamic Studies. The data generated from the survey were subjected to both descriptive and inferential analyses. The findings revealed a significant relationship (r = 0.872; P < 0.001) between Shari'ah socio-economic tenets and injunctions on marketing practices. A significant relationship (r = 0.502; p<0.001) was also revealed between Shari'ah socio-economic tenets and injunctions and production practices. The study further showed that there was a significant positive correlation (r = 0.731; P < 0.001) between Shari'ah Socio-economic tenets and injunctions and marketing promotion strategies. The study concluded that Shari'ah socio-economic tenets and injunctions have influence on production and marketing practices, in particular the marketing promotion strategies.