Problems of Art Teaching in Nigerian Secondary Schools System: Implications for Trainers

Adeyanju, 'Lade Joel (2006)


This study looks at the problems associated with the teaching of Fine Arts in Nigerian secondary school system. With the purpose of ameliorating the present situation, the study was conducted through the use of a set of 22 item questionnaire on causes of some of the problems concerning Fine Arts teaching. The population for the study comprised fifty-two (52) experienced Fine Art teachers who were undergoing the Part Time Degree programme of Obafemi Awolowo University between 1994 and 1999. Results from the analysis of data indicated that lack of materials constitutes problems since eighty-four percent of the responses from the respondent was positive about this fact. The absence of art studio in many schools was next in ranking of the identified problems. Fifty-five point seven-seven percent of the respondents (55.77) attested to this. It was also found that 78.85 percent of the subjects of the study could not increase the drawing skills of art learners. However, 96.15 percent of the subjects submitted that involvement of the media like radio, relevant pictures and charts could be used to improve art teaching. When the arrears of specialization that the student teachers for the study intended to go into were investigated, graphic design and textile design arrears were found most attractive to them. The implication of this finding is that trainers need to organize refresher courses and mount workshops periodically in order to re-oriented art teachers towards the goals of art teaching.