Perceived Effects of Freshmen's Attitude to the Use of Audio Tape in Instruction

Adeyanju, J. L. (1997)


The research was directed at (250) freshers of the Faculty of Education in Ile-Ife, with the purpose of eliciting relevant information pertianing to subjects willingness to involve educational technology materials to teach during their six weeks practice teaching exercise. A self related questionnaire with 14 items was used to find out freshers attitude to audio tape device. Two hypotheses were thereafter tested. They are: (i) There is no difference in freshmen attitude to the use of conventional method and audio taped instructional teaching strategy. (ii) There is no significant difference in freshmen perceived effects fo audio tape as compared with conventional method. Data were analysed using inferential statistic of mean score and standard deviation. Result showed that 95 percent of subjects of study have no knowledge about teaching with audio tape, while 85 percent prefer other methods to teach apart from the conventional method Freshers should be exposed to courses in instructional design early enough so that they will have the opportunity to use a variety of )Ed. Tech) materials for instructional purposes.