Acquisition and Utilization of Selected Instructional Media in the Grade II Teachers Colleges in Ondo State, Nigeria.

Ige, Raphael Adebayo (1986)


This study was conducted to find out the sources of instructional media to support instruction in the grade II Teachers Colleges in Ondo State. It was also to find out factors militating against acquisition and use of media and to suggest solution to the problems. The study was carried out in all the 11 Teachers Colleges in the State. The 11 Principals were used while 330 teachers and 330 students were randomly selected for the study. Questionnaire and Checklist were administered by the researcher. Simple percentages and correlational techniques were used to analyse the data, the result of the study indicated that 57% of the instructional media studied was not available in the colleges and the budgetary provision was inadequate. It also showed that proper methods were not established for the selection of media. There were positive relationships between media availability and their frequency of use, and between teachers' competence in media production and utilization. On the basis of the findings of the study, it was suggested that the colleges should encourage both the teachers and students to produce more instructional materials using readily available local resources. These colleges should establish Teachers' Resource Centres while the government should provide adequate funds to encourage effective media acquisition and utilization in the colleges.