Status of Media in Teaching Physics in Selected Secondary Schools in Kaduna state, Nigeria

Pearce, Nathaniel Olugbolahan (1984)


This study was designed to examine the availability, utilization of media for instruction and the problems connected with the use of media for teaching physics in Kaduna State of Nigeria. Questionnaire, structures interview end participant observer scheme directed to the physics teachers, and randomly selected secondary schools students in Kaduna State were used for the collection of the data. The study population comprised seventeen physics teachers and two hundred and eighty-one form five physics students. Based on the analysis of the data collected, some of findings were that; a) Teachers in the schools used mainly the recommended textbooks for their teaching. (b)There was low utilization of instructional media. (c) Physics teachers like other teachers in the state did not seize the unique opportunities of their proximity to the available resource centres to aid them in the selection and use of media for their teaching. It is therefore recommended that; (a) Educational media centres should be established in all the local.government education offices which will cater for all the schools in the locality. The centres should cooperate with the Federal Government media centres such as the National Educational Research Centre (N.E.R.C), National Teachers' Institute (N.T.I), Radio and Television Education Broadcasting Departments and the Centre for Educational Technology (C.E.T) of the Ahmadu Bello University for professional expertise. (b) Teachers in schools should be trained in the use of media. (c) Local production of science instructional materials should he considered as means of combating the present inavailability of media. (d) The government should reinforce their priority for science teaching in the schools through the timely provision of needed science equipment and materials.