Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and The Disclosure Practices by Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

Dairo, Ibukunoluwa Olatomi (2016)



The study determined the extent of disclosure practices of the selected listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria; examined the relationship between the company characteristics and the extent of disclosure compliance and analyzed the difference in the quantity and quality of disclosure compliance among the listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria. These were with a view to providing information on the level of disclosure compliance after the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards by the listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria. This study employed secondary data. The data were sourced from the financial statement of listed manufacturing firms on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) and NSE Factsbook covering a period between 2012 and 2014. The choice of the base year is based on the fact that IFRS was introduced into the financial system in Nigeria in 2012. 40 out of 91 manufacturing firms that are existing in Nigeria during the sample period and with complete data were selected for this study using purposive sampling technique. Data collected on the company characteristics of the manufacturing firms in Nigeria were variables such as Company’s Size (Total Asset), Return on Asset and Audit Firm Size. Data collected were analysed using descriptive and inferential statistics, and econometric techniques. The result showed 88% disclosure compliance level by listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria and this suggests that the disclosure compliance level is relatively high. The result also revealed that company’s size (t=1.4699; p>0.05) has a positive but insignificant relationship, audit firm size (t= 2.9354; p<0.05) is positive with significant relationship, while profitability (t= -1.5606; p<0.05) has a negative but significant relationship with the extent of disclosure compliance. The result further showed that there are significant differences between the quality of disclosure of the firms audited by the big- 4 audit firms and the ones audited by the non-big 4 audit firms, with a mean value of (89.88:83.46), median value of (89.02:84.15),maximum value of (100:93.09) and minimum value of (73.98:72.36). The study concluded that listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria comply with the minimum disclosure requirement of International Financial Reporting Standards.