Anxiety and depression among prison inmates in Osun state

Oyedeji, Ayobami O (2014)



This study examined anxiety and depression among prison inmates in Osun State, and its objectives is to determine factors that affect anxiety and depression with relationship to socio demographic variables among prison inmates in Osun-State. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 250 prison inmates that were randomly selected from Ilesha and Ile-Ife prison in Osun –State. Interviewer administered questionnaire was used to collect information about anxiety and depression; Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale was used to collect data on anxiety and depression among prison inmates. Data management and analysis were performed using the SPSS version 16. Univariate (Frequency), bivariate (Chi-square) and multi-variate (Regression) levels of analysis was carried out. The prevalence of anxiety among 175(70%) that were severely anxious and the prevalence of depression among 183(73.2%). Bivariate analysis showed that religion was significantly associated with anxiety (X2=16.90, p= 0.000) and depression (X2=11.310, p= 0.003). Length of stay in the prison show (X2=13.858, p= 0.003) on anxiety only, while imprisonment status shows (X2=11.60, p= 0.001) on anxiety anddepression (X2=6.663, p= 0.036). Those awaiting trials hadanxiety more than those that are sentencedalready(Odd Ratio=2.3, P=0.018,95% CI=1.16-4.721) and Depression among those who were awaiting trial is higher than those who are sentenced, those awaiting trials have the odd ratio of 1.979 and the significant level of 0.049 and the confidence interval of 1.002- 3.907 than those that are sentenced The study revealed that prevalence of anxiety and depression is high among the inmates of Osun State prison, while duration of imprisonment is associated with anxiety only.