An Improved Pole-and-Knife Method of Harvesting Oil Palms

ADETAN, D.A. ; ADEKOYA, L.O. ; OLADEJO, K.A. (2007-06)

International Journal Of CIGR Ejournal,Vol. IX, June,2007.P.1-11.


A modified pole-and-and-knife (MPK) method of harvesting oil palms was designed and fabricated. The method was tested along with two existing methods, namely the bamboo pole-and-knife (BPK) and the single rope-and-cutlass (SRC) methods. Test results showed that the MPK method was superior to the other methods in reducing the time spent in searching for and collecting scattered loose fruits (and hence the harvesting time), increasing the recovery of scattered loose fruits, eliminating the waist problem of the fruit collectors and increasing the ease of transportation and use of the harvesting pole