Ground level concentration of some air pollutants from Nigeria thermal power plants

Adesanmi, A. J. ; Adeniran, J. A. ; Fakinle, B. S. ; Jimoda, L. A. ; Yusuf, R.O. ; Sonibare, J.A. (12/08/2016)

International journal of taylor&francis,vol38,no16,pg2426-2432


Power sector in Nigeria is undergoing structural reforms aimed at improving and expanding the current generation capacity, using thermal power plants. Ground level concentrations of air pollutants emitted from natural gas-powered thermal power plants were estimated using the American Meteorological Society-Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model (AERMOD). The average 24-h ground level concentrations of CO, NOx, SO2, particulate matter (PM), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were 31.88–72.79; 61.33–104; 0.61–3.91; 0.21–1.52; and 0.19–1.09 µg/m3, respectively. There is need for continuous monitoring of ground level concentration of pollutants around the thermal power plants to guarantee the safety of the environment in the host communities