Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Recent Submissions

  • Influence of Speed and Land Slope on Uniformity of Distribution and Metering of Cowpea Seeds 

    Saqib, G. S.; Segun, O. O. (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ife, 1985)
    Investigations were carried out to evaluate the effects of field slope and forward speed on the metering uniformity of the grain drills for planting cowpea. The study was conducted in the laboratory using a John Decre ...
  • Desorption Isotherms for Plantain at Several Temperatures 

    Ajibola, O. O. (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ife, 1985)
    Moisture equilibrium data for desorption of water from ripe and unripe plantain were obtained at 40°, 50o, 60° and 70o over a range of relative humidities from 10 to 90 percent, using a static gravimetric method. Rite ...
  • Studies on the Effect of Conditioning Processes on the Field Drying time of Forages 

    Ajibola, O. O. (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ife, 1983)
    The effects of conditioning processes, underlying layer and weather factors on field drying rate of alfalfa were investigated. Drying of chopped, macerated and dewatered alfalfa was affected progressively by the intensity ...
  • Treating Rural Water without Introducing Harmful Substances 

    Ogedengbe, O. (Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ife, 1980)
    The coliform count on the stream water studied was high. The water is a direct source of drinking water to some rural communities. A previous study established that about 100 ppm of chlorine in the form of chlorox was ...