A Low-Level Generalization Model for Simulating Global Economic Meltdown

Yesufu, Thomas kokumo ; Yesufu, T.K (2009-01)

DBLP,Page no.622_627


The managing of a financial crisis of global magnitude requires a low-level generalization for an open intervention program to materialize. This paper presents an open system for simulating and/or monitoring scenarios of financial crises.The method employed involves the use of a dasiathinkingpsila chart to document significant theories of the economy for the purpose of pragmatic analysis. Subsequently, a systempsilas perspective of the real economy is used to underscore a coterie of models and observations about the economy. The results were validated as the basis for unifying the outlooks of the current state of global economies. In conclusion, the current financial crisis is fundamentally a fuel crisis based on a low-level generalization. This was an observable pattern that had not been taken into full dialectical partnership, and, hence, obscured the socio-economic reading of history in its time, enthroning the mutant in the realm of human ideas