A multi-agent system approach for trustworthy cloud service discovery

Akinwunmi, A.O. ; Olajubu, E.A ; Aderounmu, G.A (9/2/2016)

Cogent Engineering


Harnessing the benefits of cloud computing, demands that a potential user has adequate access to trustworthy cloud services. Locating resources and services in a heterogeneous network such as cloud environment may be a tedious task. The cloud computing is a form of distributed system with a complex aggregation of computing resources from different domains with different administrative policies but having immense benefits that could enhance the mode of computing. Discovering cloud services is complicated by the varied level of quality of service offered by the different providers, hence a monolithic approach to cloud service discovery cannot effectively support the cloud environment. This work proposed a distributive approach to discovering trustworthy cloud services with the use of MultiAgents System for achieving intelligent cloud service discovery. Simulation experiments were carried out and the results showed that extending the Multi-Agents System approach by integrating trust into the process of cloud service discovery improves the quality of service in terms of response time and scalability.