The effects of oxygen precipitates on the electrical properties of silver impurities in p-type silicon

Adegboyega, G.A ; Passari, L ; Butturri, M.A ; Susi, E (1996-07)

Journal physical status solidi (a) 156(1):169-174


Some characteristics of the silver impurity in silicon with and without oxygen precipitates are studied by means of the four-point probe, minority carrier lifetime, and infra-red absorption spectroscopy measurements. The relative effect of varying contents of oxygen precipitate on the impurity is also investigated. Silver proved to be a donor-type impurity in p-type silicon and its presence led to a reduction, by up to a factor of 21, in the lifetime of the minority carriers by the formation of deep level traps. While the presence of oxygen precipitate in the substrate has little or no effect on the donor-type behaviour, it improved slightly the value of the minority carrier lifetime by gettering some of the Ag impurities and there appears to be a linear dependence of the improved lifetime on the quantity of precipitated oxygen.