Teaching Animal Products in Nigeria: From meat science to tropical Animal products industry

Sonaiya, E.B (2019)


At the introduction of courses in animal products (AP) in Nigeria, meat science was the main focus of the training. In response to graduate unemployment and the paradigm shift to entrepreneurship, self-employment and job creation for university graduates, the AP curriculum was expanded to include topics in economics and marketing of AP and to emphasize the business dimension of AP. For the curriculum review to be successful, there was the need to generate greater passion on the part of the teacher and the student to teach and learn, respectively, all the technical, as well as the business aspects of courses in AP. The hypothesis tested in the study reported here is that: “making AP instructional material available online in an Open Access format with lots of illustrations and downloadable onto the smart phone will lead to improved student performance”. The content of “Tropical Animal Products Industry in Nigeria”, an Open Access e-book that was developed in line with instructional design directive, was made available to the AP class via Google drive and class performance without and with the drive was recorded and charted. Without the Google drive, 54% of the class scored less than 50% and only 2% of the class scored 70% of the marks obtainable. With the Google drive, 0% of the class scored less than 50% while 23% scored 70% and above of the marks obtainable. The Open Access e-material developed in compliance with instructional design directives evoked a higher student performance. The significance of Open Access instructional materials on AP in the development of the AP industry in Nigeria is briefly discussed.