Prevalence and Correlates of Major Depressive Disorder in Nigerian Outpatients with Heart Failure

Adewuya, A. O. ; Ola, B. A. ; Ajayi, O. E. ; Oyedeji, A. O. ; Balogun, M. O. ; Mosaku, S. K. (2006)


This study aims to estimate the prevalence and correlates of major depressive disorder (MDD) in Nigerian outpatients with heart failure. Authors assessed patients with heart failure (N = 102) for DSM-IV diagnosis of MDD and obtained socio-demographic and clinical data. MDD was found in 28 (27.5%) of the patients. The significant correlates predicting MDD included unemployment and disability due to the illness, more severe illness (NYHA class), age younger than 60 years, and not being married. These factors should be considered in planning further studies and in screening and intervention programs for patients with heart failure.