Erosive potential : Laboratory evaluation of tooth dissolution in cough syrups

Bamise, Cornelius Tokunbo ; Ozeigbe, E.O ; Esan, T.A ; Alo, I.F (2014)



AIM: To evaluate the associated weight loss of extracted teeth after immersed in cough syrups for a period of time so as to predict the erosive potential of the liquid medicines. MATERIAL' AND' METHODS: pHs of the medicines were measured at the start of the study. 25 extracted test teeth were weighed to 0.01 mg and assigned at random to each syrup under evaluation. The test medicines were placed in 10 mL screw<cap plastic containers and the test teeth were weighed after 7 days. RESULTS: 88 % of the medicines caused reduction in weights of the test teeth after seven days of immersion. Weight loss of the test teeth also noticed with basic syrups. Also lowest pH syrup did not produce the greatest weight loss. CONCLUSION: Majority of the cough syrups caused loss of weight of the test teeth. Thus, they possess the potential to cause dental erosion.