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Acute renal failure following Potassium bromate accidental poisoning:

dc.contributor.authorOkeniyi, John
dc.contributor.authorAladekomo, Theophilus
dc.contributor.authorOyelami, Oyeku
dc.identifier.citationOkeniyi J.A.O., Aladekomo T.A., Oyelami O.A. (2003). Acute renal failure following potassium bromate accidental poisoning: a case report. Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics 2003: 30 (4); 150 - 153.en_US
dc.description.abstractAccidental poisoning is common in children. Potassium bromate is a commonly used additive and raising agent in many edibles particularly bread, a staple food worldwide, yet its accidental poisoning has hitherto, not been documented in Nigeria. We report an unusual case of acute renal failure following accidental ingestion of potassium bromate tablets.en_US
dc.publisherNigerian Journal of Paediatricsen_US
dc.subjectAcute renal failure, Poisoning, Potassium bromateen_US
dc.titleAcute renal failure following Potassium bromate accidental poisoning:en_US
dc.title.alternativea case report.en_US

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