OYETORO, Oyebode Stephen (2019-07)


The study assessed the influence of four personal variables of age, sex, level of training and department on the use of strategies to reduce dissonance in supervisors' feedback among pre-service (PRESETs). It utilized the ex-post facto research design. The sample comprised 192 pre-service teachers in their penultimate and final levels of teacher education programmes in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Results showed that the PRESETs utilized different reduction strategies when confronted with dissonance in supervisors' feedback. It was also revealed that of the four personal variables, only level of training significantly influenced the PRESETs' use of dissonance reduction strategies. Lastly, these variables jointly contribute to the prediction of the use of strategies to reduce dissonant supervisors' feedback. The implications of these findings for teacher education are also discussed.