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International Law and Struggle for the Freedom and Welfare of Man in Africa

dc.contributor.authorSagay, Itsejuwa E.
dc.description.abstractIn this lecture, I intend to examine very briefly, the status of Human Rights in International Law, and its state within the independent countries of Africa, including intra-African practice in this vital aspect of human existence. My personal contribution to knowledge in this area will not receive much consideration since my primary aim is not only to explain and enlighten, but also, and this in my view is the most important, to create greater awareness of the gross inadequacies in the implementation of Human Rights obligations in Africa and generate some momentum towards the effective promotion and protection of Human Rights in the continent.en_US
dc.publisherObafemi Awolowo University Pressen_US
dc.subjectRules of Freedom
dc.subjectRules of Welfare
dc.subjectLiberation Struggles
dc.subjectNew international economic order
dc.subjectFreedom within Independent African States
dc.subjectWelfare within Independent African States
dc.subjectHuman rights provisions in African Constitutions
dc.subjectMild dictatorships
dc.subjectTotalitarian regimes
dc.subjectHuman rights and democratic government
dc.subjectHuman rights
dc.subjectSuppression of human rights
dc.subjectAfrica human rights
dc.subjectFreedom in Africa before 1945en_US
dc.subjectWelfare in Africa before 1945en_US
dc.titleInternational Law and Struggle for the Freedom and Welfare of Man in Africaen_US

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