Phytochemical Investigations of Periploca Nigrescens (Afzel).

Okafor, Ernest Ogbonna (1986)


The leaves of Periploca nigrescens (Afzel) a twinning glabrous Nigerian plant used in traditional medicine in East and West Africa as an anti-infective agent wore shown by phytochemical screening to contain flavonoids, tannins, cardiac glycosides and saponins. Three extracts of the leaves viz: n-hexane, chloroform and methanol extracts were tested for antimicrobial activity. The methanol extract was the most active against test gram-negative and gram-positive organisms. Activity directed phytochemical investigations of the leaves of P. nigrescens (Afzel) led to the isolation of five compounds coded CFS-1, MFS-17, MPS-20, MFS-27 and MFS-53. CPS-1 which is the same as MFS-17 (mixed melting point, mass spectra, (TLC) was identified as amyrin derivative. The physico-chemical data of compound MFS-20 showed it to be Apigenin whilst MFS-27 was tentatively assigned as Apigenin-7-0-rutinoside (Isorhoifolin).