Specific Psychiatric Morbidity Among Sample of Asthmatics in South Western Nigeria

Mosaku, Samuel K. ; Erhabor, Gregory E. ; Morakinyo, Olufemi (2007)


Objective: This study was to identify specific psychiatric morbidity among asthma patients and to compare their rates to controls. Method: Hundred consecutive asthmatics were screened using the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-30), and the Present State Examination (PSE). The same instruments were also administered to 75 healthy individuals, and 75 orthopaedic patients. Results: Patients with asthma had a higher occurrence of psychopathology. The specific psychiatric diagnoses among asthmatics were generalized anxiety disorder (23%), depressive disorder (11%), while 2% had panic disorder. Conclusion: Psychiatric morbidity is more common among asthmatics than the general population and other patient group.