Prediction of functional capacity during six-minute walk among patients with chronic heart failure

Adedoyin, R.A. ; Adeyanju, S.A. ; Balogun, M.O. ; Adebayo, R.A. ; Akintomide, A.O. ; Akinwusi, P.O. (2010-12)



Background:Formulae for predicting functional capacity during 6-minue walk are lacking and the accuracy of the existing formulae has been challenged in deferent populations. Aims:The purpose of this study was to develop an equation that would be useful in predicting functional capacity in form of maximum oxygen consumption) (V0 ) in Chronic Heart Failure Patients (CHF) during exercise. Methods:Sixty-five subjects were recruited for the study. The procedure required the subjects to walk on a self paced speed on a 20 meter marked level ground for 6 minutes. The distance covered in 6 minutes was measured and the speed calculated. Results:The result showed that the distance covered was highly correlated with the VO2 (0.65, p< 0.01). The regression analysis revealed that a linear equation model developed was a good predictor of V0 for the group. Conclusion:The study concluded that in situation where sophisticated equipments are lacking, this equation might be useful during exercise supervision for patients with CHF [VO2 (ml kg-1 min-1) = 0.0105 x distance (m) + 0.0238 age (yr) - 0.03085 weight (kg) + 5.598]. Key Words: Six-minute walk, Functional capacity, Chronic heart failure