Health Care Delivery: Planning and Financing in Nigeria: An Overview

Oladimeji, B. Y. (1993)


The health care sector is not primarily of economically productive value. It's economic relevance is only secondary but no less important. An unhealthy population cannot be expected to sustain viable industrial, agricultural and other economically productive activities. It is the realization of this that has made different nations develop appropriate health care delivery systems within the economic capability of that state. It is heartwarming that this workshop is coming up now. This is indicative of a greater concern by the Nigerian government for a more effective health care delivery towards the realization of health for all by the year 2000. By its pronouncements this government has opted for health for all. this laudable aim can only be achieved through careful planning and heavy financing. In the words of Abel-Smith (1976) "only if a country plans the whole of its health services - public and private - will plans have a prospect of success". Invariably no health plan is of use unless money is provided to implement it on a national basis within a reasonable period of time. Financing thus becomes of paramount importance.