Patterns of Musculoskeletal Pain in Selected Occupations

Olaogun, M. O. B ; Oladimeji, B. Y. ; Adedoyin, R. A. ; Olaogun, A. A. E. ; Akinloye, A. A. ; Egwu, M. O. ; Oyelese, B. O. ; Folorunso, T. J. (2002)


The objective of this study was to identify the patterns of chronic or recurrent musculoskeletal pain in selected occupations (auto-mechanics, typists and secretaries, fashion designers and market traders) and to discuss the prospect of introducing an educational package for the prevention/rehabilitation of such chronic pains. A survey was conducted using a questionnaire that was circulated to randomly selected auto-mechanics, typists and secretaries, tailors/sewing mistresses (fashion designers), market traders and some others as a general group. Information on age, gender, site/region of pain, acuteness, chronicity, recurrence, and attitude in respect of such painful conditions were collected. General body pain, neck pain and low back pain were common in all the occupations. The rate (per cent) of low back pain was high among auto-mechanics and secretaries/typists. Seventy-nine per cent of the respondents were willing to participate in an educational programme for the prevention and rehabilitation of recurrent and chronic conditions.